Just a few Agent Testimonials

Agent Testimonials

“I have worked with many people in the last 15 years and have to take the time to acknowledge that Erol Bayraktar has truly been a great manager to work with. His people skills, as well as his genuine concern for YOUR needs put him head and heels over most managers in this business. The other thing that has really impressed me, is that he has the knowledge whenever you have a question that needs to be answered that makes it so much easier as an agent to make sure that you were given the RIGHT answer. I haven’t seen a more liked manager with so many agents in such a short time. I think he loves what he is doing.”
– Ede Costa
“You never know what to expect when you get a new manager, but Erol has really stepped up to the plate, He always has the right answers, and he always makes himself available whenever you need him. He has been a great help to me in working on my marketing strategies and planning, and he has turned out to be a great motivator manager at our Yorba Linda Office. Great job Erol.”
– Greg Marquez
“What a year of changes!!!! 2010 Foreclosures were held back with the banks not releasing them…..interest rates at an all time low…..and moving our office to the Yorba Linda Prudential under the management of Erol Bayraktar! We are so excited to be a part of his team and to grow and expand our business under his leadership! He is a manger who is personable and focused on helping you attain the goals you have set for the year! I look forward to a great 2011 with him as my leader!”
– Sue LaPeter
“My average sales price is up $117,000 which was a goal when making a change in offices. I have a marketing plan that I am proud of when on a listing presentation! I get local exposure for my listings, which makes me and my clients very happy. The office is professional and I love having my clients meet at our beautiful offices. Management support has been phenominal. I feel as if there is no stopping my business from growing to new heights with the support of Erol and the staff at Prudential California Realty.
– Vince Campion
“Erol is my favorite manager since I’ve been with prudential. . I enjoy coming to his sales meetings because I always learn something I may have forgotten long ago. You are doing a great job Erol…Keep up the good work!”
– Mike LaVallee
“In the short period of time that I have known Erol, I have been very impressed. His attention to detail, his eagerness to help whenever he can is, without a doubt, outstanding. As a manager of a large Real Estate office, he must wear many “hats”, he does it without complaining, anything we ask, we get not only answers but results. He shows that he really cares, being a good listener and yet a good advisor. Erol has proven that he is knowledgeable, conscientious, caring and really the best Manager I have ever had. I hope we work together for many years to come.”
– Argie Nastasi
“Having been with our prior firm for nearly 14 years, making a change was not a decision that we took lightly. After over a year of consideration, we knew with Prudential California Realty’s technology, marketing and advertising, brand recognition and strength, we wanted to join the team of a similar forward-thinking peer group. The decision fell into place naturally for us. Our expectations were definitely met, and immediately we knew we had made the right decision. In fact, our decision to join Prudential was probably long overdue.”
– Mary & Michael Fry
”Prudential California Realty has the leading cutting edge technology tools and resources, which they make easily accessible to their agents. So many of the systems Prudential has in place is at little or no cost to us, and are tools that the other companies do not offer. My business has already progressed to a new level of success with Prudential and their remarkable resources on my side.”

– Frances Kanode
After attending an educational workshop at Prudential California Realty, I was floored by the positive energy, up-beat atmosphere, tools, marketing and support. There is a real collaboration occurring between the agents and the office. Having made the move to Prudential California Realty, my business is already beginning to grow and I am so glad I made the change.”
– Cristal Drake
”Before joining Prudential California Realty, I considered leaving the industry. I felt uninspired and was losing my passion for the business. Prudential is known as the home of the top agents, so I made the move to surround myself with the peers I truly respect. Prudential’s outstanding team has re-ignited my excitement for real estate and I look forward to staying with the company for many years, until the end of my career.” – Brett Bruce

About erolbayraktar

Erol Bayraktar, BRE 00179251 Manager Coldwell Banker Previews International Irvine Erol Bayraktar brings with him a broad background as branch manager of the Coldwell Banker Quail Hill – Irvine office. Erol is an Orange County native and began his real estate career in 1994. Erol’s success and extensive experience in selling homes in the luxury market proves to be a cherished resource for Coldwell Banker agents. He has earned numerous top-producer awards with the successful completion of more than 100 transactions. Erol has an extensive track record of helping his agents achieve top producer status while utilizing his internet expertise, personal coaching, training and business development. He works constantly with agents to develop marketing materials and advertising programs that differentiate themselves in the marketplace and generate income-producing leads. He values the benefits that technology can provide to agents in order to help them become more efficient and more productive. “I constantly strive to take our sales associates and office to the next level. It is my goal for our customers to continue to be extremely satisfied with the services we provide through our professionalism, market knowledge, personal attention and complete family of services experience. It is my goal to help others enjoy the same levels of success that I have been fortunate to enjoy!” Coldwell Banker Quail Hill – Irvine agents benefit from a manager who is available 24/7 to assist with any situation. Erol provides backup for his agents with various situations in which they need advice or support. Prior Sales Manager Prudential California Realty Yorba Linda Erol Bayraktar brings a broad background to the job of managing an office. His Experience includes a track record of success in real estate as well as helping agents achieve top producer status as sales manager and trainer using his expertise in personal coaching and business development. Having grown up in Yorba Linda, Erol began his Real Estate career in 1994. Since then, he has constantly striven to work in the Luxury markets and higher end price ranges. Erol has been recognized by his former companies for his outstanding production in the luxury market. He has listed and personally sold homes up to $4.4 million dollars and managed listings for his team up to $11 million dollars. Erol’s extensive experience in selling estate homes will prove to be a wonderful resource for Prudential’s agents, who already have a strong presence with Fine Homes in Yorba Linda and across North Orange County. Rich Cosner, owner of Prudential California Realty, is thrilled to welcome such an exciting addition into his Prudential family. “Erol is a knowledgeable and very professional addition to our management team,” says Rich. “His experience in the high end price ranges makes him a perfect fit for our Yorba Linda branch. I am confident that his experience and background will be a tremendous advantage to our agents in our Yorba Linda marketplace!” Top Producer Experience As a native of Orange County, Bayraktar applies his impressive local market knowledge to his practice – which has earned him numerous top-producer awards and has ensured his successful completion of more than 100 real estate transactions. After spending the past two and a half years focusing on Luxury Estate Sales with the McMonigle Group, Bayraktar now brings his unwavering commitment to client service and proven sales talents to Prudential California Realty. Coaching & Training Agents for Success Erol is equally thrilled to work with Prudential California Realty and the Sales Associates in the Yorba Linda office, who have already been recognized as the top ranking real estate office for the area for all of 2009. “I look forward to taking the sales associates and the office production to an even higher level. It is my goal for our customers to continue to be extremely satisfied with the services we provide through our professionalism, market knowledge, personal attention, and complete family of services experience. I have always wanted to be in a leadership position where I can help others enjoy the same success that I have been fortunate to enjoy!” Availability 24/7 Agents in the Yorba Linda Office benefit from a manager who is available 24/7 to assist with any situation. Erol provides back up for his agents with various situations in which they need advice or support. A Passion for Excellence in Business Development, Technology and Marketing Erol works constantly with his agents to develop marketing materials that differentiate themselves in the marketplace and generate income-producing leads.

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