Just A Few Top Agent Testimonials

Erol Testimonals page 1Erol Testimonals page 2Erol Testimonals page 3Erol Testimonals page 4Erol Testimonals page 5Having been in real estate for 13 years, I am the happiest I have been working at Prudential with Erol. He is

100% supportive and is ALWAYS there for me when I have questions…even on the week-end. Although we

have an office of over 90+ people, you always have Erol’s undivided attention.

Additionally, and just as important, Erol provides us with all the latest tools, training and information to grow

our business. Our weekly office meetings usually include guest speakers and valuable information and/or marketing

techniques for an ever changing market.

We are very fortunate to have such a manager as Erol. I can say with complete confidence that I would not be at Prudential

without him.

Debbie McKeehan

Having been with our prior firm for nearly 14 years, making a change was not a decision that we took lightly.

After over a year of consideration, we knew with Prudential California Realty’s technology, marketing and advertising,

brand recognition and strength, we wanted to join the team of a similar forward-thinking peer group.

The decision fell into place naturally for us. Our expectations were definitely met, and immediately we knew

we had made the right decision. In fact, our decision to join Prudential was probably long overdue.

Nahid Subat

Erol Bayraktar is without a doubt the best manager I have ever worked with. Erol has amazing skills in every

area with proven success and a background of top realtor experience and notable ranking. Erol can solve any

and every ‘issue’ with ease. Erol sincerely cares for his agents and is indeed a wonderful asset to any company

he works for. He is fun, brilliant, gentle, personable and professional – hard to find all those qualities in one

person. We are all really blessed to have Erol on the Prudential Ca Realty Team.

Mary Lee Swearingen

In 2011, I made my transition to Prudential Yorba Linda to further enhance my career in Real Estate. In the

process, I was a little nervous about acclimating to a new office and new surroundings. However, after sitting

down with Erol for the first time, any reservations and anxiety I had was washed immediately away. I could tell

in the first few minutes of our meeting that he understood all of my concerns, not only as a manager but as

someone who could relate to me personally and as an agent.

In the time that I have been here, Erol has made himself accessible at all times and for any reason. From answering

a quick question to looking into more detailed matters within a transaction, he always takes the time

to make sure any issue I have is resolved. There has been more than one occasion when I have been frustrated with a transaction

to the point where I have been ready to throw in the towel, but with Erol’s guidance, have managed to overcome that

challenge and closed the deal.

With his continued support and encouragement, I have come to think of Erol as not only a manger, but as an advisor and

even a friend who I can trust to guide me along my real estate path into the future.

Matt Reyna

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Erol Bayraktar, over the last few years. He’s been an amazing

manager, and has helped me to grow a successful business faster than I could have dreamed of.

Erol’s creative marketing ideas, quick responsiveness, technical savvy, friendliness and warmth, have contributed

to making this the best working atmosphere I’ve ever been in. I’m extremely happy working with Erol, and I

think I can speak for all of my colleagues, when I say, there isn’t a week that goes by, that we don’t recognize the

value Erol brings to our office, and this company.

I’ve needed Erol’s assistance, on more transactions than I can remember, and he’s never let me down. What Erol brings to the

table, day in and day out, has been a real gift. With Erol’s open door policy and “Rock” solid demeanor, (pun intended) I’m

beyond thrilled working under his leadership.

Knowing that Erol’s been in the real estate industry for so many years, is also a huge benefit. The insight Erol has in regards

to the real estate market, has been immeasurable. Within the last few years the market has seen some high highs and some

low lows. Knowing that Erol has had the experience he has, makes me very confident in what he has to say regarding the next

“market phase” and how to prepare for it.

Lastly, I’m happy to say that I’m excited to get to the office every day, and to work in this amazing industry. However, I

couldn’t imagine doing it without Erol. He’s made a huge impact on me and my career, and I’m grateful to know him.

Tina Beene

Our team joined Prudential California Realty in July of 2009. We left the company we were with prior for

purposes of enhanced corporate name recognition, improved facilities and more importantly, to be in an office

where we could receive the benefits of active and beneficial management interaction. We have certainly found

that in working with Erol Bayraktar. Erol is always there for us when we’ve been in need of his years of real

estate and management experience, he is impressively well versed in areas that impact our business such as

technology and new trends in the field and is always available to consult with or just “run something by” him.

Over the years we’ve learned that an office manager can have a major effect on the climate and moral in an

office. In the Yorba Linda office of Prudential Erol has, without question, created an environment that fosters

growth, innovation and a fun place to work.

Mary and Michael Fry

Erol is a great manager because he is a teacher, a provider of constant wisdom and knowledge from his years

of experience in the field. He scaffolds his new Realtors, giving us the perfect balance between holding our

hand when needed, and letting us make decisions on our own when we feel comfortable. He is an incredible

source of knowledge, extremely accessible and responsive throughout the day. Erol Bayraktar is an A+, gold

star leader, and if you are considering joining our office, I do not think you will be able to find a manager more

committed to your success.

Paola McQueen and Marina Sueiro

The McQueen Team

 “I have worked with many people in the last 15 years and have to take the time to acknowledge that Erol Bayraktar has truly been a great manager to work with. His people skills, as well as his genuine concern for YOUR needs put him head and heels over most managers in this business. The other thing that has really impressed me, is that he has the knowledge whenever you have a question that needs to be answered that makes it so much easier as an agent to make sure that you were given the RIGHT answer. I haven’t seen a more liked manager with so many agents in such a short time. I think he loves what he is doing.”

– Ede Costa
“You never know what to expect when you get a new manager, but Erol has really stepped up to the plate, He always has the right answers, and he always makes himself available whenever you need him. He has been a great help to me in working on my marketing strategies and planning, and he has turned out to be a great motivator manager at our Yorba Linda Office. Great job Erol.”
– Greg Marquez

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